Top 3 self-management techniques that can transform your life

We are the ones who are responsible for whatever happens to our lives. We should learn to accept full responsibility for ourselves. Here are some management tips that can help you manage yourself.



Stress is not all about the mind. It can cause physical symptoms like tension headaches, dizziness, insomnia, diarrhea, etc. This negative condition can make you stop what you are doing. You shouldn’t ignore these symptoms of stress. If necessary, you should seek professional help. If untreated, stress may lead to depression and serious illness.

Dealing with change


We all go through the same process when dealing with change. Some stages of the process take longer in the case of some people. For example, when a person hears about his or her terminal illness, the first stage they go through is denial. Then they feel the need for support. The third stage is anger and lastly, they accept the condition and start looking for new options.

Managing personal change


The first rule of personal change is to accept things that you cannot change. There is no reason to get stressed about things that you have no control. You should plan to change things that you can.

Some people accept personal change well and those who don’t know what they want. You should take the necessary steps to change and control things that you can change. Once you have decided what you can change and what you can’t, make a plan on how to make the changes and stick to the plan. Don’t worry about ‘what if’ all the time. Just move forward.